SCBA Lockers

    SCBA Stowage Lockers offer stowage for SCBA units and/or spare 30 and 45-minute Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber air cylinder tanks.
    SCBA Stowage Lockers

    Airtight Containers

    Airtight containers can be built-to-print, produced to customer furnished requirements / specifications, or custom designed and engineered by Brooks & Perkins.

    Berm Containers

    Quality skid mounted aluminum alloy chests for use as storage, handling and shipping containers for collapsible fuel and water tanks, ground cloths, fittings and repair kits.
    Berm Containers

    Maintenance Stands

    Maintenance stands are necessary to protect equipment and maintenance staff while keeping assets in good working order. We have manufactured many custom designed stands for various applications.

    Waste Disposal Containers

    These waste disposal tanks are manufactured in extreme thicknesses to ensure safety while handling and disposing of dangerous products.

    Lifting Beams

    Custom lifting mechanisms for custom and complex assets to ensure safety of both the asset and staff working around them.
    Lifting Beams
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