Airtight Containers

Brooks & Perkins is a reliable manufacturer of high-quality reusable shipping and airtight containers of varying size and purpose. Airtight containers can be built-to-print, produced to customer furnished requirements/specifications, or custom designed and engineered by Brooks & Perkins.

From concept, to prototype, to full production manufacturing, Brooks & Perkins has you covered.


  • Light weight
  • Shock mitigation
  • Humidity indicators
  • Locking seals
  • Anti-static foam
  • Desiccant ports
  • Self breathing
  • Layered silicone asset protection

Since 2012, Brooks & Perkins has produced airtight containers of various size and function for the Department of Defense, commercial and private sectors.

Brooks & Perkins has a history of quoting and delivering on pre-existing container programs at considerably lower prices than incumbent contractors. Competitive pricing and in-house capabilities allow Brooks & Perkins to be a best valued source for quality complex metal containers.

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